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Last week I saw a strange shape in my garden. When I went out to investigate, I found this:



Something or someone had dug up one of my onions.

Even though several different types of animals can get into the garden, I knew exactly which something/someone was responsible.


The squirrels are the critters that have their own ideas about where plants should be and where holes should be. And where nothing but shredded remains should be. I call their activity “squirrelscaping.”

This next photo shows the hill where I planted four pumpkin seeds.


Now there are three pumpkin seedlings and a big crater. Hmmmm. I wonder where the fourth seed went? This is especially maddening because I’ve offered the little rascals pumpkin seeds and they always reject them.

A few days after finding my unplanted onion, I found one of my tomato plants tipped over with a big hole in the pot next to it. GRRRRR!

Then I found something that really pissed me off.

For weeks, I’d been waiting for my Carolina Reaper seeds to germinate. Finally, from a second planting, one did. I was so excited! I took it to show my son, Daniel, who is the hot pepper enthusiast of the family. And, stupidly, carelessly, I forgot to put the pot back in our little temporary greenhouse. The next day, I found this:


The empty pot and the tag. No sign of the soil or pepper plant. WTH?

I was furious…but mostly with myself for leaving the doomed pepper out. I mean, how could I be mad at this:


They’re so cute!

But it’s not just my stuff they’re messing with. Don came back in from the garden last night and said, “I officially hate your squirrels!” One of them had gnawed off a branch of one of the new blueberry bushes he just planted. GRRRR! Why, little rats, why?!?!  Their destruction is so random. At least we know what to expect from our other garden “helpers.” Gary could, and probably will, step, roll or pee on any plant growing directly in the ground.


And there’s no telling where Gemma’s next cooling hole might be.


We bought a greenhouse kit but haven’t got it set up yet. I’m worried we won’t have any plants left by the time it’s done!



There’s Something About Gary

This dog. I don’t even know where to start describing him. He’s so very…Gary.


Everything he does, he’s all in, whether it’s trying to chase a squirrel or rabbit while dragging us along on the leash, barking in our faces to bully us into taking him for a walk, begging for food, being a big clown or loving.


He’s so full of love. He stares at us with absolute, pure love in his eyes. He loves to be cuddled and petted and kissed and talked to. It makes it impossible to be mad at him, even after a rough walk like this morning’s. There were rabbits and squirrels everywhere and he tried to chase them all before dragging me along to try to get to the next one as quickly as possible. He’s a handful. But then we got home and he looked at me with a look that said, “I love you SO much and this is the best day EVER!” and my irritation with him just evaporated.

Ever since he finished his breakfast he’s been following me around with a look that says, “what’s next?” He has high expectations for the day, for some reason. It’s going to be a very Gary day. But that’s okay because there’s just something about Gary that makes every little thing more fun.




Our Precious Gem


Gemma is our 3-year-old, mixed-breed-of-some-kind, baby girl. We’ve had her for a year and half.

Gemma is part bouncy, playful puppy, part shy, submissive dog who sometimes slinks around like she thinks we’re going to beat her.


As if we could even raise our voice to this little sweetie!

She always looks so sweet and innocent.


Except when she’s play-fighting with our other dog, Gary.

She loves to dig holes, even in the middle of play-fights, which always puzzles Gary.


Strangely, she doesn’t chase the squirrels and they’re not afraid of her at all but she goes crazy wanting to chase the neighborhood bunnies. She’s got an eagle eye for them too and can spot them from very far away.

Aside from her wanting to shred the neighborhood bunnies, she’s the quietest, most well-behaved dog we’ve ever had. I was worried about getting a dog as young as she was but she’s so easy in every way.

Sweet Gemma

We could have had it so easy. But just six months after we got Gemma, we brought Gary home. And Gary is many things but easy ain’t one of ’em!

More on Gary later….