Surprise Squirrel Photos

I haven’t been able to get any good squirrel photos since we got our squirrel-chasing dog, Gary, in the spring of 2018. If I open the door to take photos, Gary runs out and chases the squirrels away. I’ve tried taking them through the glass of our slider but the glass is so old, warped and permanently dirty that the photos never turn out. So, I was surprised to see an in-focus squirrel when I uploaded the last batch of photos from my memory card.


I must have taken these photos during our snowy February.


And it must have been a few days into the snow event because the squirrels didn’t come around for the first few days. I’m sure they thought they could wait it out because our snow never sticks around for long.


They would have been pretty hungry if they tried to wait this snow out because we had snow on the ground for the whole month of February, a very rare thing for here. We hadn’t had snow on the ground for weeks at a time since December of 2008.


After a very mild and boring December and January, the snow was as much of a surprise as the squirrels photos were!


8 thoughts on “Surprise Squirrel Photos

  1. Wow look at all that snow! We had tons here in February too, but that’s somewhat normal for us. 😉
    Those little rascals sure are cute, but they’re naughty! They’re already digging in my gardens and pots! 😡


  2. That would be funny. I’m actually surprised they haven’t started pelting Gary with things. They have to be tired of him chasing them away from their food!


  3. As much as I adore them, I’m even beginning to get a bit aggravated with their digging! I was just out checking on the seeds I planted last week and noticed several craters where a seedling should be emerging. GRRRR!

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  4. Those naughties! 😠 I always end up having to put wire fencing over my seeds – even after they sprout because of those little diggers!


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