Our Precious Gem


Gemma is our 3-year-old, mixed-breed-of-some-kind, baby girl. We’ve had her for a year and half.

Gemma is part bouncy, playful puppy, part shy, submissive dog who sometimes slinks around like she thinks we’re going to beat her.


As if we could even raise our voice to this little sweetie!

She always looks so sweet and innocent.


Except when she’s play-fighting with our other dog, Gary.

She loves to dig holes, even in the middle of play-fights, which always puzzles Gary.


Strangely, she doesn’t chase the squirrels and they’re not afraid of her at all but she goes crazy wanting to chase the neighborhood bunnies. She’s got an eagle eye for them too and can spot them from very far away.

Aside from her wanting to shred the neighborhood bunnies, she’s the quietest, most well-behaved dog we’ve ever had. I was worried about getting a dog as young as she was but she’s so easy in every way.

Sweet Gemma

We could have had it so easy. But just six months after we got Gemma, we brought Gary home. And Gary is many things but easy ain’t one of ’em!

More on Gary later….


3 thoughts on “Our Precious Gem

  1. I laughed when you said she looked so sweet and innocent….. and the very next thing is a photo of her with a face that would make Cujo cower in fear! Thanks for introducing us to Gemma, and I would not have guessed she came before Gary. And it’s good to know she doesn’t bother the squirrels (the bunnies are on their own)….


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