Surprise Squirrel Photos

I haven’t been able to get any good squirrel photos since we got our squirrel-chasing dog, Gary, in the spring of 2018. If I open the door to take photos, Gary runs out and chases the squirrels away. I’ve tried taking them through the glass of our slider but the glass is so old, warped and permanently dirty that the photos never turn out. So, I was surprised to see an in-focus squirrel when I uploaded the last batch of photos from my memory card.


I must have taken these photos during our snowy February.


And it must have been a few days into the snow event because the squirrels didn’t come around for the first few days. I’m sure they thought they could wait it out because our snow never sticks around for long.


They would have been pretty hungry if they tried to wait this snow out because we had snow on the ground for the whole month of February, a very rare thing for here. We hadn’t had snow on the ground for weeks at a time since December of 2008.


After a very mild and boring December and January, the snow was as much of a surprise as the squirrels photos were!


Our Precious Gem


Gemma is our 3-year-old, mixed-breed-of-some-kind, baby girl. We’ve had her for a year and half.

Gemma is part bouncy, playful puppy, part shy, submissive dog who sometimes slinks around like she thinks we’re going to beat her.


As if we could even raise our voice to this little sweetie!

She always looks so sweet and innocent.


Except when she’s play-fighting with our other dog, Gary.

She loves to dig holes, even in the middle of play-fights, which always puzzles Gary.


Strangely, she doesn’t chase the squirrels and they’re not afraid of her at all but she goes crazy wanting to chase the neighborhood bunnies. She’s got an eagle eye for them too and can spot them from very far away.

Aside from her wanting to shred the neighborhood bunnies, she’s the quietest, most well-behaved dog we’ve ever had. I was worried about getting a dog as young as she was but she’s so easy in every way.

Sweet Gemma

We could have had it so easy. But just six months after we got Gemma, we brought Gary home. And Gary is many things but easy ain’t one of ’em!

More on Gary later….

midlife crisis

Trying This Blogging Thing Again

After years of fading more and more from the internet, I’ve decided to come back. To WordPress and Instagram. Still not Facebook. Even though most of the people I know are on Facebook, I just can’t make myself go there. Facebook makes me unhappy for reasons I haven’t yet figured out.

WordPress never made me unhappy, I just got overwhelmed by trying to follow too many photo blogs. Photo blogs post a lot, sometimes multiple times a day, every day! And I got involved in the photo challenges and all that and then burned out on it and wanted to change gears but didn’t really know what I wanted to do or how to do it.

Then I fell deeper into the midlife funk I’d been feeling for awhile and I withdrew. That’s what I do. When I’m going through something, I withdraw. I don’t ask for help. I don’t reach out to friends, I just keep to myself. It’s not healthy. And it hasn’t made me happy. So, I’m going to stop doing it.

It’s time for me to wake up and break out of this funk!